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Please use the form below to get a rough estimate of the price for hiring Olive. The form cannot cover all types of enquiries, and so makes a few assumptions. The form assumes that:

  • the start and end of the job is within half an hour of Olive’s base in Bromley,
  • the mileage entered includes any return mileage where applicable,
  • the times entered cover the whole hire from the very start to the very finish including any waiting time,
  • at this stage you just want an estimate, and that you will contact GBRB for a more accurate quote.

To help calculate the mileage for your hire, please use the journey planner here.

  • Job Details
  • These details will enable an estimate to be given about the bus hire. However, there are several factors that can change the cost such as differing routes due to low bridges or width restrictions and underestimates on times. Please bear in mind that Olive is coming up 50 and has a top speed of 40 mph.
  • Extras
  • Bus blinds usually show the destination and route of the bus, but we can create peronalised blinds to show your names or your function.
  • We can not only put ribbons on the front of the bus, but we also wrap ribbons around the poles inside the bus. We will do our best to match the ribbon colour to your colour scheme.
  • Sometimes our clients would like to provide wine or bubbly to their guests, to keep this cold we can help by providing a large plastic tub with ice in sufficient for at least half a dozen bottles. Obviously , we can only provide this from the start of the hire as we cannot keep ice frozen for return journeys.
  • We can provide helium filled balloons on the bus, which we would usually tie to the poles on the bus. Similar to the ribbon, we can do our best to match the balloon colour to your colour scheme. As a guide, to put three balloons on each of 16 poles will take 48 balloons.
  • We are not licensed to sell alcohol, but with prior agreement from GBRB we're happy for you to provide your own alcohol. However, for safety reasons we can only allow plastics to drink out of. We can provide plastic flutes in multiples of 12.
  • In addition to flutes, we can also provide plastic half pints for soft drinks.
  • We can provide cans of soft drinks in slabs of 24 cans.
  • Once you've completed the details above, enter a valid name and e-mail address below, and click the 'E-mail' button and the estimate will be sent to you.