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To Book Olive

When you book Olive, we will agree a cost and the timings in advance. We will provide a driver and a conductor for the whole time. This is a requirement, as the conductor will ensure that passengers do not take undue risks or that any opportunists don’t hop on. I’m afraid, because of the safety requirements we cannot let guests provide their own conductor.

We can also provide many other accessories to enhance the experience such as decorations and balloons. If you have any requests though, try us, and we will see if we can meet them. We can even help with venue bookings if necessary.

To book Olive and make any additional requests, please print out the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions below. Please take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions as these cover some quite important areas. The Booking From can be returned by post, then we will get in touch to discuss the booking further.

If you have any queries though, please get in touch either on the telephone number or e-mail below, or using the contacts page.

We very much look forward to making your booking special


Booking Form



Terms & Conditions