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Adventures in Motion Pictures

I hope that Mr Matthew Bourne doesn’t get too upset with a tiny bit of plagiarism, but I thought the title was so apt considering what Olive got up to yesterday.

Courtesy of a phone call late on Friday afternoon, whilst I was trundling home from London on a train, Olive spent most of Saturday lurking around in the City of London in her very first role as “Action Vehicle”.

A production company had called and was in need of a Routemaster for dual purpose, firstly to ferry around some 150 extras, and secondly to sit on set. So Olive has made her film/digital debut.

The filming was being done on a little street which had been set up to look like a busy shopping street and was very festive. However the unit base was Finsbury Square. Bizarrely the square was where we had met with other RML’s the year before for the 50th anniversary of RML’s entering service in London.

Apparently the production company were concerned that Olive would not be able to turn onto the narrow street where the filming was being carried out until I explained that I had parked there before, so that my brother could pay some cheques in at the bank on the corner.

So we got Olive into the required position on film set, but nobody told us that we needed to get off, consequently me the driver, Shan the conductor and Marc were all marooned on board while the filming commenced. After forty or so takes of the many extras walking 20 yards up and down the road a break was finally called. We had realised some time before this that Marc when sitting on one side of the bus could quite easily see the camera, and by now we know that generally if you can see the camera then it can see you.

Well after the break a new camera angle was set and the march of the extras started again. The wrap (get me with the technical lingo) was finally called at nearly 11.00pm and we were eventually released, from then it was quick trip back to Bromley to drop off the staff and then back to garage for quite a late night for Olive, 1am before she got home the dirty stop out.

After all that excitement I so needed a lie in this morning.

Very interesting work, but lots of wait, wait, wait and then go. But another string to Olive’s bow.

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