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Christmas downtime

Well Friday night was Olive’s last time out before Christmas she now gets a well deserved rest until the New Year, so Happy Christmas to all our readers 🙂


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Film star amongst us

It’s out! As of today a sneak peek preview of Debenhams Christmas advert is out on their website. Olive herself is visible in the very first scene. I’m so pleased she didn’t end up on the cutting room floor!

Remembering how long that tiny part of the advert took is bizarre, when it flashes before your eyes.

Now we have to make sure it doesn’t go to her head, as she’ll be wanting a film crew every time she comes out to play.

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Uptown top ranking

Well Olive is on the night shift again this week. With a Party night on Friday from London’s West End. Hopefully it won’t be too late as she needs her beauty sleep for a Wedding on Saturday!

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New stuff

Well this is all quite new to me, all this new fangled blogging stuff! But hey ho, a new website and new look needs new skills.

I hope that this is of some interest to those that come looking for or even just stumble across our website.


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