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I have always had a passion for the Routemaster. I finally took the plunge and bought one of the decomissioned buses, and spent several months working on it to bring it up to the high standard it is today.

Like every treasured classic vehicle, my Routemaster has a name, she is Olive, it just seemed appropriate after the old series “On The Buses”! I have tried to keep Olive as true to her original standard as possible, so she has been fully resprayed, and dressed with the original style decals. The interior has been industrially cleaned, but I chose to keep all the original fabric, which is still in good repair, but after over forty years of use, it’s showing some signs of wear which adds to the character.

I have fitted a sound system, which can be used to play CDs and used as a public address system with a number of microphone sockets around the bus.

Much as I just love to drive around in the bus, it would be a shame to keep her all to myself. I always get waves from passers by, and toots from drivers. Olive still just puts a smile on peoples’ faces. This is why I decided to use her for parties and weddings, and any other purpose that people might like.

We sometimes organise fully inclusive daytrips which make an ideal present or perhaps corporate event. Keep an eye out for these as they will appear on the website from time to time.

This is my hobby, and Olive has been a labour of love. If you want a little taste of nostalgia or need transport with a wonderful atmosphere, then please get in touch and I will see what I can do. Much as I am prepared for weddings and parties, I have had enquiries about using Olive in films, and for PR events, so I’m quite happy to consider any suggestions that you may have, and very much look forward to hearing from you.